The World of Lexica
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The World of Lexica The World of Lexica The World of Lexica

The primary mode of gameplay in The World of Lexica is 3D action. Players assume control of a fantastic animal chosen from among several basic forms. Various “augmentations” can then be added to it, including animal parts and costume accessories. This animal, called a Curioso, represents the player's curiosity and allows him or her to explore and fight enemies. Players will also be presented with a variety of mini-games, which challenge and teach various skills that pertain to reading.


In the course of the game's own unique narrative, players interact with literary and folkloric characters. By way of their inclusion in the game, players are encouraged to read the stories in which they originally appeared. The World of Lexica even features an e-reader that provides immediate access to these books.


Additionally, The World of Lexica presents players with the ability to create their own interactive stories using assets from the main game. These can then be shared with other players.




By interacting with characters from literature, students are encouraged to pursue reading after game and class sessions have ended. Their reading skills and habits are improved directly by completing in-game objectives, which are framed by conventional gameplay. By writing and sharing stories they create in the game, students improve their compositional skills and ability to critique, edit, and revise work.

  • 2015 Serious Play Conference Gold award winner
    2015 CREATE Festival Entertainment, Film, and Digital Media category winner
    2015 Children’s Technology Review Editor's Choice

  • 2014

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