Rugged Rovers
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In Rugged Rovers, players must design rovers that are capable of traversing the rugged terrain of an alien planet. This is accomplished by first drawing the rover's body as a two-dimensional line surrounding the provided engine. It may be of any shape the player chooses. Wheels are then added in the same way. These may be as numerous as the body's form will accommodate, and as large or small as desired. The next task is to observe how the new vehicle fares on the planet's surface and correct any deficits in the design that this test reveals. In doing this, players race their rovers against one another and prove which design is most capable. Observing which features have achieved the best results allows players to adapt their designs and develop more successful iterations.

Rugged Rovers requires that players think like engineers. They simply build, test, and iterate designs, observing which work best in achieving the task at hand. Though the challenge is straightforward and no technical knowledge is needed, the game accessibly encourages the problem solving and ingenuity needed in the field.

  • 2015 Serious Play Conference Gold award winner

  • 2014

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