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REFINE is an interactive, 3D model of a Navy platform which a sailor can navigate in first-person, game-play style to undertake training ranging from ship induction and familiarisation, through to complex operational scenarios. Sailors can also access equipment-specific information ranging from engineering specifications and drawings through to technical manuals and interactive training to assist with installation, operation, maintenance and logistics.

Immersing the sailor in a virtual representation of the ship they are about to join provides in-context training and detailed ship familiarisation. Navigating to equipment, calling up information from the contextual menu, fighting a fire, launching the ships boat, responding to damage control, call to action stations – REFINE will produce a more aware, better prepared sailor for Navy.

REFINE can be delivered locally at the desktop, in the classroom, on-board the ship or online to personnel across multiple sites. Select from desktop computers, mobile laptops, large format projectors, heads-up display goggles, hand-held devices or complete virtual reality centers. REFINE delivers a virtual training and engineering information platform when the physical platform is unavailable, too costly to be used on a regular basis, or is in operational service.

REFINE – the levels of realism – in the style of hi-fidelity, first-person serious games – are immense. The intensity is real. The possibilities are endless…

Targets: Speed, Accuracy, Cohesion, Comprehension

  • 2012
  • 1 - 2

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