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Emergency | Healthcare | SPA Award Winner | Adult & Professional

Rampart Rampart BreakAway Games http://www.breakawaygames.com/

In Rampart, the player assumes the role of an emergency department physician in a hospital that lacks a trauma center. He or she visits patients in exam rooms to determine the severity of their respective conditions, with worse cases being accorded more urgency. Rather than performing further examination directly, the player orders procedures, such as x-rays, to be done. While waiting for results, other patients are attended to, along with interruptions from staff and hospital visitors. All of these things take time, which the player must manage effectively in order to care for patients. When procedure results are returned, the player determines whether the patient will be discharged, admitted, or transferred to a facility with a trauma center.


Rampart seeks to address non-compliance with clinical triage and transfer practice guidelines. While emergency physicians in non-trauma centers indicate understanding of these guidelines in paper simulations, they do not follow them in practice. The virtual simulation sees them achieve transfer rates consistent with those observed in reality. By eliciting such realistic behavior, the game facilitates the development of approaches that improve guideline compliance.


  • 2015 Serious Play Conference Bronze award winner

  • 2014

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