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HabiTactics HabiTactics Zachtronics http://www.zachtronics.com/habitactics/

HabiTactics is a matching game that teaches players about the relationships between organisms and the ecosystems in which they live.


The object of the game is to “balance the food web to create a thriving ecosystem”. Players first choose an ecosystem, arctic tundra, Atlantic ocean, forest clearing, or rainforest, each with varying organisms and conditions. A trophic level of the ecosystem at which to play is then chosen. Play takes place on a tiled grid and is based on matching three of a kind. For example, in the forest clearing at the predator level, a fox must eat three rabbits to create a new fox. Further objectives are set forth by the game as play progresses. Over time, the ecosystem itself will change and affect play conditions. These changes are shown in a graph at the end of the level.


By observing and taking part in the food web, players learn about the cycle of life found in healthy ecosystems and the parts organisms at various levels have to play therein.

  • 2015 Serious Play Conference Gold award winner

  • 2014

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