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Cycles Cycles 1st Playable Productions

Cycles is a game that teaches players to recognize and address six cognitive biases. These are confirmation, fundamental attribution, representativeness, projection, and anchoring biases, and bias blind spot. In the game, players are briefed before answering questions framed by different scenarios. Though there are multiple choice sections, questions are answered in a number of other ways as dictated by the scenario. Interfaces vary in the game as a result, but all involve simply clicking and sometimes dragging a selection.

In certain fields, the need for quick, decisive solutions to complex problems despite ambiguous information increases the incidence of cognitive bias. Cycles trains players to recognize these biases and resist the subconscious tendency to resort to them in such situations, thereby improving their ability to make well-reasoned decisions under stress.

  • 2015 Serious Play Conference Gold award winner

  • 2015

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