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Combat Medic is a simulation game that teaches battlefield casualty care. It focuses on immediate treatment of the three injuries most often associated with preventable battlefield deaths: hemorrhage, airway management, and tension pneumothorax. It was developed for the U.S. Army Research Lab Simulation & Training Technology Center and the Army Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center.

The player assumes the role of a combat medic responding to battlefield casualties from a first-person perspective. After preparing a medical kit, he or she treats the casualty at the scene, starting with an assessment of the casualty's condition. Rather than having a heads-up display for vitals, the player must determine them by examination with the tools at his or her disposal. Based on this assessment, the player prepares for and proceeds with the necessary treatment. These interactions are made via keyboard and mouse-controlled prompts. For example, to provide an unobstructed airway to a casualty, an incision is made in the throat as guided by the player's mouse movement. He or she then uses the mouse to set a tracheotomy tube at the appropriate depth before bandaging the area. Whatever the outcome, performance is ultimately assessed by comparing optimal procedures to those used by the player.

Combat Medic's multiplayer element allows multiple medics to affect treatment procedures simultaneously. Additional modules may be played to further training, as well as more complicated scenarios that increase difficulty.

As most combat deaths occur prior to evacuation from the battlefield, initial treatment for the aforementioned injuries is vital. Following classroom instruction, Combat Medic allows trainees to practice these procedures in virtual battlefield scenarios.

  • 2015 Serious Play Conference Gold award winner

  • 2014

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