Banking Simulation
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Banking Simulation Tycoon Systems

Take over an existing bank or start up a new one – your objective: to maximize your bank company’s market value over five years and report back to stockholders. With banking simulation from Tycoon Systems, you can:

Launch a wide range of credit and deposit products and services.
Balance prices and cash flow to succeed in a dynamic and competitive marketplace.
Access central bank funds via the discount window or interbank lending sources at variable lending rates.Carefully manage your business to achieve target Core Capital ratios in line with the latest Basel III regulations.

REAL TIME SCORES based on KPIs, where the participants can see the leader table at any time. This is updated every quarter, and shows a summary table listing Company name (with the number of business invested), their Credit Rating and Debt Ratio, Net Interest Income, Cost to Income, Share Capital and the company’s Share Price.

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